Permanet Innovation

V/N develops the necessary technology to carry out each project successfully, adapting its management software and incorporating hardware in accordance with the specific demands of each case. Our service offers three alternatives: the use of our own computer resources; the use of the customer’s technology, or a combination of both.

Integral System for Contact Centers

V/N offers a system that administers, controls and takes all the typical actions of a contact center in one unique platform.
This system includes:

• Consolidated and Real Time Reports of all the components of the system.
• Combined Predictive Dialing, integrated to ACD so the call rate is the most suitable regarding performance and work burden.
• Contact Center Communications’ Registration (incoming, outgoing, among extensions, and transferred calls), with audio and screen record of all the actions with QM evaluation.
• Agent’s Desk Integrated to the Operation
• Speech analytics and Emotion Detection: a unique combination of voice analysis in real time with examination and detection of emotional activity in order to get the value of the interactions.
• Online monitoring of voice and screen, with data of the agent’s activity.
• Cutting-edge voice recognizer for interactive voice response applications, IVR, of open vocabulary.

Our integral system for contact centers makes the contact time of incoming calls more dynamic. As it is integrated with the company’s CRM, it gives the client the possibility to self-manage requirements or to gather his/her data and place them in front of the agent.

Besides, it offers the opportunity to create a virtual call center in time and place, with a centralized management and administration of time zones and with operators geographically scattered.

It improves the agent’s performance by integrating voice, chat and e-mail contacts with the existing systems (CEM/CRM/ERP, data base, back-office, help desk, etc.) and providing help, online suggestions or outlines for answering calls.